Our Story

Bee Naked Honey Farms is a beekeeping business operating in the Lowveld region of the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. This area borders the world-famous Kruger National Park. Our business started in 2012 and we produce raw honey and provide pollination service.

Our tastefully naked and delicious raw honey is marketed under the “Eat Naked” brand. Our pollination service is provided to commercial farmers in Mpumalanga, specialising in Macadamia, Blue Berry, and Litchi crops.

Our Honey

Bee Naked’s honey is tastefully naked…. raw, unadulterated, and straight from the hive. Raw honey is full of natural goodness, with lots of health benefits and exceptional taste. 

Bee Naked honey is nurtured in rural South Africa – home to hundreds of indigenous and cultivated plants and trees. These include large scale, sustainably grown Eucalyptus plantations, Macadamia, Avocado and Litchi. Our bee keeping activities in this area has a positive effect on the fauna and flora, while also improving local agricultural yields. Every batch of honey is unique and varies in taste, colour, and aroma. Like good wine, these variations reflect the production area, complex climate conditions and nectar sources for the bees.

Bee Naked and Eat Naked – friends with benefits….

Our tastefully naked, raw, unadulterated, straight from the hive honey is marketed under the Eat Naked brand.

Pollination Service

High quality equipment
Colonies that are pollination quality and strength
Using technology to monitor and improve our service
Timeous services
Long term commitment
Collaboration with the Agricultural Research Council
Our business is local
Chemical sheltered readiness
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