Bushbuckridge Beekeeper Stakeholders Trust

The Beekeeper Stakeholders Trust is a 25% shareholder in Bee Naked Honey Farms (Pty) Ltd. The trust was established to benefit a group of around 50 Black African individuals in the Bushbuckridge Municipal region of Mpumalanga, South Africa. The Bushbuckridge Municipal area is part of the Lowveld region, which is the operating area for Bee Naked.

All the trust’s beneficiaries (beekeepers) have received training in basic beekeeping. This was done to give them a background and understanding of bees and beekeeping and to enable them to start small scale beekeeping. They have also received basic safety and beekeeping equipment.

Vukile Chiloane and Lonny Ndlovu are amongst this group and have developed a small beekeeping enterprise with 40 beehives.

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