Our Honey

Bee Naked only produces natural raw honey – just like it is in the hive. This ensures the honey retains all its natural goodness, health benefits and delicious taste. Every batch of honey is unique and varies in taste, colour, and aroma. This variation depends on the nectar source visited by the bees. Our honey is free of additives and we maintain the highest standards of quality control and traceability.

Much of the golden, runny stuff sold in supermarkets has been ultra-processed and over-filtered and sometimes pasteurised to ensure it remains liquefied. Such processing removes much of the goodness that honey possesses. Honey lovers are well advised to rather purchase raw honey – full of goodness.

Raw honey means natural honey – just like it is in the hive – unprocessed, with no additives or preservatives. It is not over-filtered and has the highest pollen and nutritional compounds, which means it is the most beneficial choice for your health. Raw honey is not heated above 39 degrees Celsius (35 degrees is the regular and normal temperature inside a beehive) – heating honey lowers its quality, and it loses essential enzymes and nutrients.

At Bee Naked we take pride in the traceability of our honey. We keep detailed honey source authentication records. This enable us to know where every batch of honey has been produced! We can therefore confidently produce raw honey of the highest quality to our honey loving clients. Our honey is marketed under the “Eat Naked” brand – the brand has built and enjoys a reputation and following as honey of the highest quality.  

Approximately one third of the world’s crops are pollinated by honey bees. Bee Naked honey is nurtured in rural South Africa – home to hundreds of indigenous and cultivated plants and trees species. Most of these plants need bees for pollination. Our bee keeping activities in the area has a positive effect on this fauna and flora, while also improving local agricultural yields. Because of this variety and rich source of plants that the bees forage on, our honey is some of the tastiest around.


Our honey is natural and nude just like it is in the hive. It is uncomplicated, unadulterated and there are no preservatives added. 


Beekeeping is one of the only forms of agriculture with an overwhelmingly positive impact on the environment. It is a valuable conservation tool for indigenous flora. It also makes a significant contribution to other forms of agriculture by effecting the pollination of economically important plants.


We produce the highest quality of honey and some of the tastiest around.

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